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About Kathryn

It’s Kathryn here–Kathryn E.H. Rimstidt :), since I got married in May 2015.

I began Whole Loving Wellness in April of 2012.  I became a wellness coach after I had a life-coach who helped me immensely after I was sexually assaulted in 2007.  In the soon aftermath of my one-incident assault, I know I moved on “mostly-ok” in many ways and had a lot of support.  Yet, there were moments that I felt completely lost and scared and then scared of being scared, and scared of being lost.  And moments where I just cried or I shut down.  All of this is an “ok” reaction, and also didn’t need to be and is no longer my often-life.

After I worked with this life-coach and fitness coach, read a lot and did a lot of personal work, I realized I knew a lot and had skills and the passion to help others.  I am committed now to making this my employment.  Learn more about my skills on DaoCloud. I have experience and a loving, listening space to support others partly because of this experience.

I am passionate about the outdoors, about writing, about art and photography, and, more than I realized about flowers.  I self-published a book of photos and poetry I had been working on the past two years at the end of 2012 titled Blooms of Wonder (bloomsofwonder.com).  I love that it has brought others wellness, relaxation, and joy and that it also celebrates the flowers and companion insects.

As a mom of a two year old,  I have been fortunate to be able to spend most of my time with him and not work a lot of hours.   And, as someone who has long wanted a more peaceful world, I hope I can have the privilege to more help families who have been affected by violence and long for peace.  I also enjoy using my written, photographic, and creative skills to help both address hard memories and memorialize and create wonderful new ones (bloomsofwonder.com).

Now, I always know the love is there even in the anxieties and “darker” moments that still come up.  For me it is this “love” that is my spiritual connection–I am not a religious person–but I do have a deep connection with that love in human and non-human alike.  I trust and know that all are love, and, as I said on the homepage, it is this belief that forms the basis of Whole Loving Wellness’ intent to support others in living a more open-hearted life from this space.

I continue to make daily choices that support me better and help love shine more for me.  And, three years ago at the end of May, I married my partner, Aaron, who has been so amazing, and, now, we have our Joseph Charles, who joins our fuzzy companion Bosko.

One of my clients, Lisa, shared: “Kathryn is thoughtful with a capital T.  She pays attention to the details that make a session into an experience.  She has carefully honed that highly sought after skill of really listening and with Reiki she not only listens with her ears but with her hands as well….Kathryn provides consistently encouraging feedback and accountability when needed in a caring manner. She models wellness herself and has a creative and gentle soul. She has many talents to share with prospective clients through her services at Whole Loving Wellness. It has been a joy to work with her on my personal goals.”

Now that you’ve read a bit about me and about Whole Loving Wellness, please e-mail Kathryn@wholelovingwellness.com or call 317-514-1462 if you would like to explore working together.

With love!,

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