Welcome to Whole Loving Wellness


Hello and Welcome!  I am Kathryn, founder of Whole Loving Wellness (WLW).

Do you know that love is “it” or a large part of it?  Or do you hope it is?

Are you struggling to have joyful days because of anxiety, trauma, or overwhelm?  Do you feel like you are unable to do what is right for you, take care of yourself, or even know what would be the most loving thing to do for you?

I have been in the struggle and doubt to different degrees at different moments in my life, and have little moments I get back there.  Some of the hardest moments of this were stimulated by the experience of and reactions to being sexually assaulted in 2007, and fearing that I would be killed.

What helped me, first, was my faith and trust in love, and re-kindling and deepening this.  And then what helped me were specific skills to get in touch with what mattered to me and take care of myself when I got stimulated, scared, or overwhelmed.  And, having a coach (I even had multiple coaches at one point), as well as friends and family that I could count on, while I helped myself be more and more able to count on me and my self-love.

And, now, I know I am love and loving and loved…and I’m committed to the idea that “All are love,” and passionate about the idea of focusing on helping others with their self-love first at this time in my life….and believe I can truly help to do a part to bring more healing to the larger world through this.

Back to you:

If this resonates for you, I want to talk with you more, so please give me a call at 317-514-1462 or e-mail me at Kathryn@wholelovingwellnesss.com.  I have been developing packages for how I want to support others and am very interested in the idea of bringing “back pocket” support to my clients through unlimited e-mail support.  This would fit my life well (with my young son and other aspects of my life) and my skills as a writer who expresses feelings and important keys through writing, and helps you to reach out to me whenever you need to (I almost always will respond within 48 hours and often in 24).

However, I also have other ideas of ways to support others and am open to what your and my intuition might come up with together, or, possibly of finding some other person or resource that might help you out.  So, please reach out if you would like.

I help clients who are committed to at least exploring the idea of a loving life toward/for all, and who recognize they want to and need to start with self love, but who don’t know all the “how” to do it, and who is willing and able to put in the time and money to get that support and to do their best to “not give up” and to be willing to play/try different things.  I am especially excited to help moms who are so essential to our next generation I believe (speaking as a mom to a 19-month old) and  those working for a more peaceful, loving world.  But, I truly believe that anyone with that willingness to consider a loving life for all, and who will work to get their self-love dialed in so they can care for others and fulfill their dreams, could be an ideal client for me.

So, all that said, read more below to learn a bit about how this works or, again, call 317-514-1462 or e-mail me at Kathryn@wholelovingwellness.com with questions or to begin a package.

More details:

The Options

1) I’m in Your Back-Pocket to develop Self-love, Ease, and Joy:

This package is designed for you to make deep self-love and practical self-care an integral part of your life.  Not a “quick fix,” we will delve in to what is important for you and having your listen to your intuition, not just me.  This way, you can have the continue to build the results you want even beyond the time you work with me.

It can be paid in $900/month or if you know you want to work at least four months together, $2,400 for the four months, and $800/month thereafter for up to another 4 months, even if our focus together changes.  And, at our first conversation, I will provide you free support before you make the commitment if you aren’t sure yet.  And, if we cannot adjust to your satisfaction within the first 2 weeks and you want to end working together, your money will be returned.  I want you to have the results you want.

I imagine there will be unlimited e-mails within reason and I reply within 48 hours, and then phone and Skype as needed.  There are 9 of these spots currently available.


2) Support for more self organized self-care in a transition: I have some spots for $240/month (including options for pairs to share the cost), or an hour’s help on occasion.  These include monthly or weekly check-ins and text-support options and Reiki, EFT, photography, the written word, and organizational support.  These are ways to help clients who have a self-care plan and feel comfortable with this and go over it with me to have something additional in their life that I am passionate about.  I also do events on occasion and have options for larger groups.  My spaces at these rates are limited so I can focus on my clients described in #1.

3) Join the free Facebook group : Whole Loving Wellness’ Support Community is our Facebook group.  I support the growing community wanting more open-hearted lives.  This is a wonderful place to reach me and others exploring these concepts of love and get support, and get to know me a bit better.

4) Other: There will be a local gathering in Indianapolis starting soon that will be once a month that may support you.  These will be free/offerings accepted.  Please let me know if you have interest in knowing more or if you might even be able to host.  I hope to start in April or May.  Also, I enjoy doing talks/workshops and can sometimes do these for free.  And, as I said, I’m open to talking to see what our intuitions and lives might make a fit.

Resources in time of urgency:

I encourage everyone to also carry with you a list (on paper with you if possible, or at least in your phone) of 5-10 people you can call when you need support, perhaps including a hotline you can reach at any hour.  A list of a few things you are grateful for or that bring you joy or that you truly love and believe in for those rough patches helps too!

And, if you are experiencing violence now or are feeling any need for immediate support, reach out to others in whatever ways you think would be supportive and safe.  This includes, in the U.S, 9-1-1, the Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE or online, and the suicide prevention hotline 1-800-273-8255.


Your responsibility:

As you use the Facebook group or otherwise work with me, please remember you take responsibility for your interactions and any choices you make that are influenced by them. Also in group settings, we will try to keep in mind our general goal of supporting each other in being more loving, supported, and open-hearted.  Please let me know if you have concerns.


Love to all!,


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