Welcome to Whole Loving Wellness


Hello and Welcome!  I am Kathryn, founder of Whole Loving Wellness.

If you have trouble getting going with your day from anxiety or overwhelm or just know your life could be more joyful and loving, it’s quite possible.  Your story can be different than it is and I’m here!

I am excited and grateful to help you and others on your journey for a more loving life, as I continue on my own.  I believe it is key to start with self love, self trust, and self care.

I especially resonate in helping those whose journey or hearts mirror aspects my own as I can often help the most there.  Read more about me here, and contact me (Kathryn@wholelovingwellness.com or 317-514-1462) or sign up directly for the following programs.  If it’s not a fit after our first week together, you will receive a full refund.

Without further ado, here is what I offer:

1) One month of “Back-pocket” support for Front Pocket love:
Common themes of the month are:
–Addressing anxiety, overwhelm, and patterns making daily life a challenge.
–Establishing healthy self care habits
–Creating or solidifying a support network

($550 for one month of intensive support including unlimited e-mail support and 2 weeks of tapered off support.  $200 off if 3 months paid in advance for multiple areas of support)


2) Group support & accountability:
–Messages to the group from me posted daily & monthly call, Facebook live, etc. ($15/month)
–Automatic m
essages to your e-mail inbox daily, monthly check-in’s by e-mail, and one personal e-mail, 10 minute call, or text as needed, and membership to Facebook group if desired ($60/month).
I will be in the Facebook group reading and responding as I see fit on average 2x/week.

Money concerns?:  I don’t want money to be the stopping point so I can talk with you about ways you can find the money and I do have developing scholarships you can get on the list for as well!

Resources in time of urgency:

I encourage everyone to also carry with you a list of 5-10 people you can call when you need support, perhaps including a hotline you can reach at any hour.  A list of a few things you are grateful for or that you truly love for those rough patches helps too!

And, if you are experiencing violence now and it seems supportive, in the U.S. you might call 9-1-1, the Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE or online, or the suicide prevention hotline 1-800-273-8255.

Getting to know me and getting some support
–Join me at my free monthly local gathering in Indianapolis, 4th Mon Aug & Sept 10-12 noon.
–Join the free Facebook group (Whole Loving Wellness’ Support Community)
–Join my new free e-mail list to get longer periodic updates and tips than in the Facebook group, including tips for my developing Book on Love.


Your responsibility:

As you use the Facebook groups or otherwise work with me, please endeavor to support love and care for all, and remember you take responsibility for your interactions and any choices you make that are influenced by them and that privacy of what you share is not guaranteed.  Please let me know if you have concerns.


Love to all!,


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