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Working With Me

I am so excited at the possibility of supporting you in your self love journey for more energy and enthusiasm for you and your loved ones!

Here’s how I can support you:

1) I am happy to set up a call where we would both set aside 30 minutes so that you could get some next-steps for you and we can both see if working together is a fit.


Go here HERE to do that.  Or e-mail me for any information Kathryn@wholelovingwellness.com

2) Either after our call, or we can even talk by e-mail if you feel it might already be a fit, I can share with you either my one-on-one coaching or my group coaching programs.  A detailed description with the 2021 changes will be coming here very soon!

3) And, I also have a free Facebook community I would love to have you in.  So, don’t feel “left behind” please if you’re not ready to make the commitments above. 


With deep love,

Kathryn, Self Love Coach

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