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Working With Me

I am so excited at the possibility of supporting you in your self love journey for more energy and enthusiasm for you and your loved ones!

I do a lot of one-on-one coaching  I think this is truly the best way to make massive progress.  Check out #1 below to take your first step in this direction.

I also am excited to offer a new affordable guide to support busy mamas and an e-mail support option.  Check out #2 to purchase these!

And I’ve just added a subscription group coaching option SUPER excited!! I’ve been dreaming of this for a while.  Go here to purchase and check out #3 by scrolling to the bottom of this page, for a bit more info.

And, contact me at Kathryn@wholelovingwellness.com with any questions.


With deep love,


Here’s how I can support you:

1) I am happy to set up a call where we would both set aside one hour so that you could get some next-steps for you and we can both see if it is a fit.

Go here HERE to do that.





My new very affordable digital guide is a downloadable product focused on supporting busy mamas who want to have more energy for themselves and their loved ones, especially their little ones!   It focuses on helping you create a self care, self love habit in your life, even through the ups and downs of everyday life. It also addresses many of the struggles that most moms face when raising kids and trying to take care of themselves.  This will bring you new enthusiasm and energy for your loved ones by taking care of yourself in the little pockets of time we have as moms.


Purchase the Guide HERE for $27.


P.S. If you know a busy mama in your family or circle of friends, who’s feeling drained and overwhelmed, be a light in their life and SEND A COPY TO A LOVED ONE HERE!

For only $78, you get the downloadable guide AND 10 days of unlimited e-mail support from me. This VIP support option is designed to help you make quick progress and make changes happen in your life once and for all.  We all need support and moms most of all!


Purchase the Guide + VIP Support HERE for $78.


P.S. If you know a busy mama in your family or circle of friends, who’s feeling drained and overwhelmed, be a light in their life and SEND A COPY + VIP EMAIL SUPPORT TO A LOVED ONE HERE!


3) New Group Coaching!!  I just set this up last Friday.  I am super excited to make this dream I’ve been having for a while a reality!  You can be one of the first to join us!!

**Sign up here.**

So, here’s the basic idea.  You join the new paid Facebook group that is all about taking action from a place of love and self love.  You agree to wanting love for all, starting with self love, and to doing the work you need to to “up” that self love.

You’ll receive loving accountability and support from me as your coach, Facebook lives, trainings available to download in either video or documents, and a specific plan to encourage you to take action.  This specific action plan has you committing (though we know things happen, so it may not always happen) to 45 minutes for your self love and loving community within our group each week.  AND you’ll have a dedicated community too to support you!, and, as we grow, a “buddy” within the group for that extra individual peer support.

You can pay monthly at $90/month.  Or, right now I’m doing two longer subscription options that save you a lot!–$252/6 months or $141/3 months.

Questions?–E-mail me at Kathryn@wholelovingwellness.com or call me at 317-514-1462.

You can sign up and read more about the subscriptions described HERE.



I am SO excited to support my loving, action taking community with this new group coaching service!!  And, I am also clear that the way to get the most support and make the most progress is to work with me one-on-one (I have 5-7 spots open right now)….and for those who cannot see a way to afford either of these, I’m happy to talk more to see if I can help you shift this and sometimes it’s not the time….In this case, I have a free Facebook community I would love to have you in.  So, don’t feel “left behind” please.


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