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Access Webinar to Love Yourself Even With Anxiety

Now is your chance to set aside 45 minutes to focus on loving yourself first! 

Ready to learn how to love yourself even when you’re super anxious?


Click HERE for your Self Love Even With Anxiety Webinar

As you probably know, but might sometimes forget or think just can’t be true for you, taking the time to take care of and love ourselves makes the lives of those we love better as well!

Especially for those of us who are moms or who are caring for little ones, we often don’t take the time and attention to deeply love and take care of ourselves. Or we feel like it takes too much time to do so.

We can learn to trust ourselves and listen so we know what will be most loving to ourselves specifically and find ways that work in our little spots of time we have available.

On this webinar, I introduce 6 pillars for self love including:

1) Getting in touch with your intuition and trusting yourself so that you know what you want and take care of yourself in the ways that work for you.  You won’t have to wonder if what someone else suggests is “right” all the time or spend so much time debating that you don’t take action.

2) Take care of yourself when you are experiencing anxiety, even panic attacks which I used to experience.  Then you won’t be anxious nearly as often and you won’t have to fear anxiousness if it comes up, so that you can choose what you want to do without being afraid that panic or anxiety will make your plans difficult or loved ones worried about you.


3) Ways to get support that are the right ones for you, so that you won’t be alone again in your anxieties or your self love goals or celebrations.  And so that your community of support will be one that truly is supportive.

Access the Love Yourself Even with Anxiety Webinar by signing up below and take the time to prioritize you for yourself and for your loved ones!

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If you have any problems accessing the webinar after signing up, send me an e-mail at Kathryn@wholelovingwellness.com for support.

Looking forward to connecting and with deep love,


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