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1st Week in Jan tip Summary to Shift Anxiety

Interested in tips to shift anxiety and deepen your self love?

Today is step 3, finishing up our week.

This step is about relating your values and longings–the things that are most important to you, specifically–to actions that support you when you are in panic or anxiety. This step invites you to take the values from step 2 and relate them to mental and physical actions that support you, keeping in mind what already has supported you in step 1.

I would pick 1-3 actions to start. These might include mantras or a phrase, visualization, or something physical while focusing in some way on what I value…perhaps linking a mantra to something physical. These physical things might be movement, drinking water, taking a breath, or putting braids in your hair like I used to.

Then there’s the “added step” of using your action/s as a habit. To start using this, not just in urgency, but also regularly. I will add a habit document soon to the files section you can check out. For now, highlight these four things: 1) Keep it short and simple, 1-5 minutes each day is great! 2) Link it to something you already do if possible (e.g. before or after brushing your teeth, when you get in bed, sit down for dinner, etc.) and 3) Get support/share your experience to encourage you to keep doing it. Find a partner, or share on this post’s comments or in the Facebook group, etc. 4) Be gentle with yourself and if what you’re doing is too much, make it less–e.g. go from daily to 3x/day to start.

If you go to Facebook group and request to join, https://www.facebook.com/groups/WLW.Support.Community/, you can view today’s and Weds’ video and see each post in succession.  Also a chance to share in community and a bonus tip and view my habit sheet.

With deep love!,

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