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Step #2 for January Shifting Anxiety

Is your anxiety or panic making life challenging? Here is our January start-up step #2 in starting to shift this. We’ll finish out tomorrow with some action steps towards new habits.
Here we go!:

2) Take the time to consider what is most important to you. What values (see cnvc.org, needs list, for something that might help here)?

What people?
Longings you have?
Experiences you want to have?

Also include what brings you joy, calm, love…..
What places, experiences, people?
Use whatever method/s support you best to explore this—journaling, meditation, etc.

Again, like yesterday, I recommend you pick 4 or so that seem most important or just feel “good” to you and write those on a separate list.



A few suggestions to help you:
Be creative and willing to try something new as well!….you could even do a google search for joy, values, longings, etc. and see what comes up. Or look outside or at a favorite picture or listen to music you love for inspiration.

Examples that come up for me right now in case that helps you:

Love, joy, spaciousness, calm, self trust, trust, peace, fun, contribution, interdependence, safety.

I love so many folks in my life!….deep, “primal” love for my son Joey included…..and love for all….big longing for peace and love to be expressed more in the world.

Longing to celebrate the little things. Be gentle with myself and others. Laugh.

Experiences of being outside bring me a deal of calm and joy, as well as, often fun and laughter.

Also just being cozy and easy, such as sitting together with my husband on the couch while Joey comes up sometimes and plays others, and our cat Bosko sits on the top of the couch near my husband’s head. That feels amazing!! just thinking about it! :).

I’m also just doing a check in with my wiser self to see if there’s something I’m missing and then to pick my top 4. I’ll include the notes below…H-S stands for “heart-soul,” so is that wiser and also deeper heart-centered part of me.

Talk with Wiser Self:
K: Anything missing?

H-S: No. Of course love is big.

K: Of course. Anything else?

H-S: Spirit/Heart. Trust.

K: So, the top 4?
H-S: Heart, trust, love, and friendship. If you had a 5th, laughter.

K: Thanks!

So, there it is! I invite you when you pick your 4 or so, to just pick some. You’ll keep your old list and might take something from it anyway. I’m definitely including the image of being on the couch and probably the outside presence, for example. You could even do a coin flip or a roll of the dice or whatever, to get you to pick some. Or you could rank them 1-10, and pick out all the 10’s.

Bottom-line, it gets you thinking a bit more deeply about this and having a bit shorter list in particular if your first one was very long, to start us off on actions tomorrow.

More tomorrow!

With deep love,

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