Want some detailed support tips on how to get insights from when you have anxiety? Read on!:
Yesterday’s tip started with #1) After you finish a time of being anxious, consider what supported you during that time.
Today I wanted to go into that with a bit more detail to help you do that.
*First, remember to always get support, including professional support if needed.
Another reminder, be gentle with yourself and not pushy during this process! It might be stimulating.
It might help for you to do it right after a panic attack or big bout of anxiety. Or, if might help to wait a few hours or even until another day. You know you best. Trust yourself!
And, even if you’re not sure what you think of is helpful, jot something down.
And, remember you can get insight from a smaller anxious experience like if you gave a speech or told someone something that you were anxious to share.
You could journal, meditate on it, ask your wiser self or non-self that you visualize (see earlier video), or ask a supportive friend for help too. And, if you don’t think of something, no worries!

A few possibilities from my own experiences before I started getting more conscious and intentional:

1) I used to make little braids in my hair and rock back and forth. I think this was a way of my staying connected with myself physically and my connection to the physical.

2) I also would sometimes say to myself things like “It’s going to be ok” or “I’m going to get through this” or “This has happened before.”

3) And I also sometimes just said aloud who-knows-what. It wasn’t always encouraging, but, again, I think the repetition and the physical aspect of being aloud kept me from feeling as if I was drifting away so much.

4) Also just letting myself “be in” things and knowing it would pass and then getting support afterwards
Hopefully the above helped you if you were feeling like “nothing helps” you get through it.



Now to the less anxious times. This might be easier and can still be insightful. Think of a time, for example, when you wanted to tell someone something important but were nervous and anxious to do it. Or perhaps when you are in a big crowd.

In less big anxious moments, breathing is something I’ve used for quite a while, and with practice was able to use even when I was more-anxious often.

What do you to encourage yourself to do it/get through the nervousness. What helps you feel less-nervous?


In both cases, you can consider if there’s something physical that helps you. Something you do. Something you say. Something you think. Something you remind yourself. A distraction. A value. An insight. Something silly or something serious. And, again, jot anything down even if you’re not sure it’s helpful.

Next steps:

After you’ve made some notes, look through, and, again use whatever ways work best for you to pick out 3-4 and then write them down separately, keeping your old list as well.  You can make a time each day to look at the shorter list at least to keep it familiar to you.

More tomorrow!

And looking forward to what you share in the comments!

With deep love!


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