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Monday Musings to Monday Action

Monday Musings to Monday Action: This morning, while I have almost 3 hours to plan with just-me which I have been doing more-often with others’ support, I’m thinking about priorities. About both priority activities and priority values. And about how I can focus on my priorities in little bits. I’m also thinking how fortunate I am to have the support to feel able to make these choices, how I honor myself for making choices that aren’t always “typical,” and how I have the support to, and choose to, make them and adjust them (like this morning I had thought Joey would head out sooner, but, instead, we had a more relaxing morning with smiles, books, cars, cozies).

I also posted this as my first LinkedIn article.  Yay!

I’d love to hear if you have priorities you want to share, want support doing, or if you have any other insights from reading this. Please share in the comments here or on the social media posts.  And, appreciations are always welcome too :). 


So, I planned to make my plan of choices & then “get moving and grooving” on action for the plan, with this post as #1.

I already did some gratitudes this morning and am actually going to do my breathing, love-focus/sending for all, and then a quick check in before I dive in. (This led me to do a visualization, which I’ve been doing later in the day typically, first. Super glad I did!)

I think the balance of taking action and pausing and checking in and being willing to adjust, even including rest is key for me. Yesterday between nap and night time I got almost 9 hours of sleep which was SO wonderful for me! Chose rest for sure and am super happy about it!


Priority values:

–Feeling good/happy/content…energized and relaxed and cozy all at the same time.

–Making an impact on a more loving, peaceful world….at home and everywhere and beyond the world.

–Joey feeling content.

–Time with Joey.

–Being responsive while keeping values and what feels like “reality” in mind…e.g. I want enough rest and sleep :).

–Time with & responsiveness with especially family & close friends-like-family



Big activities that are important to me:

–Write lots of books :), including books about anxiety and love and wellness and restorative justice and all those good things that I care about!

–Joey’s “growing up” happy and loving & supported in whatever is going on with him—feelings, etc.



Activities for today:

Priority group 1 (things I’ve agreed to do with others or habits I am building or things I’ve agreed to do myself)

*1) Post Monday Musings

*2) Call at 11

3) Respond to e-mails (WLW), posts (FB & LI, especially weekend posts & any personal messages)–add thank you.

4) Post for support from business coach

5) 2 in-person follow-ups (named)

6) 20, 20, 20 (from course) for LinkedIn….start out with 4

*7) Make 2 contacts to see if the 2 things tomorrow will work out & text if so to change current a.m. to Friday



Priority group 2 (Important to me, e.g. house stuff, self care, etc.)

1) Laundry in wash at least

*2) Shower

*3) Food/r&r/checking in and adjusting, etc. (Added this as it was missing!)


Priority group 3 (would like to do, pretty high priority but not as high)

1) Respond re dinner & ____

3) Ask re drawer set

4) Put dishes away



If more time:

1) Laundry put away

2) Do toilets (this actually is probably going to be another day)



Priority soon:

1) Consider about ways to reach more folks on social media

2) Checking in about kids stuff some more

3) Checking in about WLW stuff some more



Then I did a check in and got the response that this felt complete for now….AND that posting the “details” would be the braver and more impactful thing, so I’m doing that. So, without much editing, I’ll be posting right after my call since there’s not time now. Took a bit longer than I’d planned, but, adjusting to that.

Another “key” for me for today is going to be keeping more or less “on time” with the amount of time to spend on things (15-20 minutes at a time will be my plan for today for each thing and then checking in before spending more time), and then making adjustments as needed, but that way not letting one thing take up a lot more time than I had intended, and stopping at around 12:30 or 12:45 (with still 45 minutes-an hour left) to see if whatever feels most important then and whatever felt most important early on is done or if I can get it done in that time or schedule it later on. I also just a minute ago remembered something that is important and timely (it happens tomorrow) that I didn’t put on my list so I’m going to add that. And I checked my calendar and my call is 11:30. I also put a * on the 5 things that seem most important to me now (I was planning on 3-4, but couldn’t quite get it down to that! Ah well!). And, lastly for now I’m realizing that I want 5 minutes before the call to settle in. It’s a potentially emotional call for me and I want to be honest and loving and attending to what I want and all of that.

Please message me or check out wholelovingwellness.com for more info or to sign up for coaching support.

With deep love always!–Kathryn

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