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Thursday Tip

So,  my invitation to share a tip with everyone is below.  And here were the thoughts I started out by posting on the comments part of social media, so that’s a place you can start.  With deep love-Kathryn


1) Deep breaths and a mantra. Almost always a go-to for me. And, if I can take a deep breath and add something to it, such as, “I breathe in calm” or “I am ok,” or “I am getting calmer” or “I have made it through to joy and calm before and I will again.” Or, I might do something like counting my breaths to get grounded, an easy repeatable thing that also brings me even more connected to my body.

2) I also used to make little braids in my hair in the midst of a panic attack. And, I’ve recently talked with people who really are supported by high-quality essential oils. I’ve also used EFT/tapping even in my head if I can’t do it physically. All of these helping connect to the physical.

3) If I am in a space where I can, some sort of movement and/or contacting someone on my go-to list if I’m up for these, or, if someone is there who I feel good to be supportive of me, asking for support. A glass of water has sometimes helped. Some find a loving hug supportive….others want distracting words….supportive words, etc.

So, those are some of what come up for me, right now. Then it’s my reminder to do whatever feels best to you, or whatever you can come up with in the moment, as long as it’s not causing you/others harm….even if it seems strange or is different from what others suggest. And, to just do something, even if it’s not the “right” thing, try something. And, remind yourself you’ve gotten through this before. And then, when you’re in a less anxious place, build the habit of something supportive, like the supportive breathing and mantra.

And, I’m going to go with “imperfection” and post this comment, though it’s a bit longer and more-winding than I might prefer, to use my time I have wisely to get it done! Hope it’s helpful! And looking forward to others’ comments. Please message me to talk more.

Thurs Tip 12-13-18



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