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Monday Message 12-10-18

Monday Message: This Monday I’m reminded of two things I’d like to share that helped me on a mom-busy Monday (where Joey and I both have a bit of a head-cold) and so my initial plan to have Joey at someone else’s house today and have a good longer time to do business and self care and house care in a focused way didn’t happen.  The short version is to do and celebrate short stints of accomplishing and self care.  2-15 minute action are great!  And don’t forget the celebration part!.  The second is to ask for help.  And the little bonus is to remember “it doesn’t have to be perfect.”


Details of the Tips and how they turned out for me today:

The first is the “power” of short stints to get something accomplished or take care of yourself. This really helped me when I started to feel a bit discouraged early on today. I would notice I had a minute or two when Joey was had been feeling content and cozy on his own even though he wasn’t feeling 100% and then I’d hop on my phone and make some notes about things I wanted to do, do a self check in, consider requests I could make, read a little of something inspiring and things like this. And, I was careful to make my list small in number and including things I could do or get a good start on in 2-15 minutes time periods.

Being realistic with yourself and your family or other chosen responsibilities especially on a day where things shift like today, is really important.  And celebrating what you do!!

So, I got two texts replied to, one meeting scheduled, found an errand which also gave us an outing so we wouldn’t feel cooped up and got some bonus things including something for my husband picked up, and had a brief phone call, left a message, and did a bit of “fun” reading of part of an article, and started a draft e-mail.  And I did the “basics” which sometimes I forget to acknowledge/celebrate, like feeding myself, Bosko, and Joey, changing a diaper, and being with my son.  And we even got a walk outside briefly!

And then I used the second little “tip” of the day.   Asking for help now and later.  I took someone up on their offer to help after initially encouraging them not to come since we were sick. Feeling better myself at this point and agreeing they would do things like wash their hands and take Vitamin C :), I said “yes.”  I also made some plans of things I can ask for help about tonight.

And, in the last hour and 30 minutes, I got to take a shower, dry my hair and get dressed (all by myself!), make a longer more complex phone call without Joey in the background, and get started on this Monday Message which I’m planning to send out “as-is” (bonus reminder, “it doesn’t have to be perfect!.”)

Oh, and I guess another thing was really being present and enjoying the lovely things that were a surprise I wouldn’t have had, like the extra smiles and reading with Joey, the hugs, and the little outing including friendly greetings from others, and accomplishing the errands. So, appreciating and enjoying these things.

Before I go, one more time, highly encouraging you to use one of those 5-15 minute slots for self care in whatever way it looks like for you….if you’re not sure, asking that “inner knowing” self if you can get in touch with that voice.  For me today it was getting an amazing shower! I feel so clean and refreshed!  And, earlier in the day, actually, it was getting a glass of water and some food for myself soon after I woke up.  I almost forgot about that!

And, I plan on doing some checking and sending myself and everyone love and a few other loving self care habits while helping Joey to nap….and then we’ll see if I fall asleep myself!

Thanks for letting me share a bit of my experience and some tips that might help you.

With deep love-Kathryn

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