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Thurs Tip 12-6-18

Thursday Tip and Reminder Discount Ends Fri:

Self Trust Tip: Having self trust to know what you need and trust it, and to “trust” that you know yourself even if you seem to get something “wrong” is key to having deep self love and shifting anxiety and panic from being at the center of your life if that’s a factor for you.

You might do the following experiment: Every day this week (or, just pick a day this week to do it, perhaps tomorrow!) when you get up ask yourself a question about something that is part of your day, for example, “What would I like to eat for a snack today?” or “When would I like to take a coffee/tea/water break today?” and then, whatever the answer is, follow through. And, if you don’t get an answer, then you could go for making up an answer and say “Today I’m going to have ____ for a snack and see how I feel about it,” or “Today I’m going to take a break one hour in to my work time and then see how I feel afterwards.” That checking in with yourself after about how you feel is also connecting to your wiser self and getting to trust yourself. Then you can use any feedback the following day.

Please share 1-3 sentences about your experience in the comments. Would love to hear! And, quick reminder, 20% off my fast-action coaching prices for 2018 ends this Friday, so give me a call at 317-514-1462 or message me here to get an exploration call set up to see if this is a fit for you.

With deep love-Kathryn

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