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Thursday Tip November 29, 2018

Add something you love or that brings you contentment to each day. Starting out with once a week is fine too. It can be simple and as short as one minute, and, if needed you can adapt it to something you can do even if you cannot find a moment to yourself. Examples include deep breathing, stretching, drinking a glass of water, opening a favorite book, or looking at a favorite picture.

And, a second part, if needed, especially if you have some alone or venting-welcome space, you could even do a vent aloud and then probably shift to something joyful for few minutes. I at least have been realizing I sometimes need some “vent” space, and just did that alone today. It felt great and then I quickly shifted to deepened love, contentment, confidence, and possibility. It’s all welcome, with loving intention and heart. I’m reminded of the power of not just empathy but self-expression as explained by NVC (Nonviolent Communication), and also about different types of self-expression. And I’m thinking how “judgement” or frustration or anger which can be part of venting, when given space for me to hear it from myself, or be heard by a loved one, can help me feel “heard” and also help me shift to see what I’m feeling and valuing that is having me feel judgy or upset. I let myself shift, after venting eased things, even more with deep breathing and with a journaling exercise talking to my wiser self.

Lastly, I’m continuing to explore gratitude and also enjoying silliness and fun and cozyness and love today, and being open to how this might show up.

Would love to hear if any of this resonates with you or if you do any actions related to this. The action-taking can be an important part as well!

With deep love-Kathryn

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