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Gratitude and Challenges Post for Tues, November 27, 2018

Gratitude and challenge thoughts for today for me: Has been a day of unexpected moments, compared with what I would have thought a couple of days ago, including feelings of “another thing!” mostly with my son, Joey, being sick and then, after seeming better, hurting his finger right before going up for bed, enough we thought it might be broken and he was very sad last night before falling asleep (he seems to not even notice it hurting at all today, big gratitude there!).  But, I have been grateful for a lot of cozy moments with Joey on a day where I had expected to do some housework and business work, after yesterday of mostly time with him too, with some help from a grandparent so I snuck in some things.  Grateful I could be home with him and that I was healthy enough and awake enough with not enough sleep, and trusting myself, to do and be what he needed as he worked through some rough moments throwing up and feeling sick.

Grateful that, even though the challenge came up of the thoughts of “another thing” and “when can I ever work on my business,” the real major thought and trust ended up being to be fully where I was, as much as I could. To come back to joy, gratitude, and trust. And some surprise joys not directly about time with Joey, including a few moments to read a book about gratitude actually, taking some time to really focus on gratitude including gratitude in silly ways like going through the alphabet and being grateful for different kinds of foods and animals, and a phone call catching up with a friend while Joey cozied and played a bit as he was feeling better.  I probably would have spent this time on housework or work for my coaching had he not been sick.

And I was so glad that we were still breastfeeding as it helped him to settle, nap, and he was able to keep food down from 11 a.m. until now, at almost 9 p.m. And it was such a joy when, toward late afternoon and early evening, he had lovely smiling moments after being quite cuddly, but not very energetic and clearly not feeling well. That included him repeating my saying “dude” while I was on the phone with my sister-friend and we had such joy and fun over this.  I even did a little video. (He doesn’t say a lot of words yet).

And I am grateful for so much family support including my husband, grandparents, and family who aren’t technically family, and for our cat’s patience too. And, as the day ends, I am grateful to do a few of the house things I had planned to do earlier (trash and cat litter), and figure out how I want to post/share this longer-than-usual set of gratitudes, without worrying about editing, and also so that folks can also read the shorter version.  And I’m grateful to know I will sleep soon.  I’m thinking I will revive my website’s blogposts for today and link to that on social media. I am grateful for the day generally and for my general enjoyment of the day after last night when we thought Joey might have broken his finger and he was so sad and this morning when I felt sick and was concerned I’d have troubles caring for Joey as well as myself.

I’m also grateful for the being ok with my frustrations and feeling challenged as well. That it is “ok” with me to not feel always grateful with every bone in my body, and to express my frustration….even if I am always trusting in love and grateful on that deepest level, and even as I come back to it and fill up with it much more quickly and easily than I used to.

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