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6-22-16 Update & Note Sat event in Indy: indyholistichub.com/wellbeing-fest

Weekend Events in Indy & June 22nd Greetings

Weds May 11th Greetings

Greetings are back :)….notice Fri event in Noblesville and then some other opportunities to connect as well as the updated recordings of Hints calls recently posted at the “free-offerings” tab.


Weds Greetings, 5-11-16

Tues Greetings 4-19-16

4-19-16 Tues Greetings

Tues Greetings, 4-12-16 (Note tomorrow’s call)

4-12-16 Tues Greetings-1.jpg

Chances to work with me tomorrow & Weds….and Short Ideas

4-7-16 Greetings

Thurs Greetings, 3-31

Thurs Greetings, 3-31-16

Weds Greetings, 3-23-16

Here’s the Greetings.  Note that I’ll be at Good Journeys on Friday and look at the Greetings for more info.

(Also, forgot to note in the Greetings that the Saturday “Day” is from daysoftheyear.com, where I often find the “day” I share.)

Weds Greetings, 3-23-16