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Monday Evening Greetings :)

Monday Evening Greetings 10-26-15

Hope you enjoy this new each-Monday posting which is my plan for a bit coming up.

Also, please consider joining in one (or both) of the November 4th calls–free–the one at 12 noon is about
Whole Loving Wellness and the one in the evening (7:30) is about the webinar series starting the
following Monday, November 9th.  E-mail me kehessler@yahoo.com or call 317-514-1462 to
sign up or check out the link for the course here and a bit more about the free resources.

Monday Greetings (Part 1)

Used canva.com for the first time and designed this following first “Monday Greetings” for facebook and posting
here on wholelovingwellness.com and for my e-mail list.  Am excited and, yes, the formatting could use a bit of work,
but it’s a-ok. :).


Loving care and wishes for your continued greater wellness,
Kathryn Ellen