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Indy Holistic Hub Gathering with speaker Dr. Jerry Whalen

A gathering of Indy Holistic Hub happened yesterday evening, August 18th, the month’s “connection series.” Jerry Whalen gave a presentation called “Keys to Removing the Effects of Stress From Your Life.”   I, with Whole Loving Wellness, am a member of the Hub and have enjoyed other talks and Hub gatherings as well (for more info on the Hub including a directory of practitioners go to http://indyholistichub.com or contact founder Jenn Seffrin at info@indyholistichub.com).  Last night I enjoyed the different perspective Dr. Whalen offered about stress and removing its effects and all there was to think on.  Dr. Whalen is from Zionsville Holistic Chiropractic and Wellness.  He offered us “The Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale” to begin about life events and their common “amount” of stress.  Then he shared about physical, emotional, and chemical stresses.  He shared restorative plans to address the various aspects of stress and their results, including physical results, in an “organized” way of emotions, toxins, nerves, etc.  He shared some details about adrenal dysfunction and cortisol levels, and the way messages can get continually compromised in the pathways between the brain and amid the nervous system.  He then shared different ways his office addresses various “dysfunctions,” including but not limited to chiropractic work.  And, perhaps most helpful for the “now,” some specific ideas we can research more including helpful foods, stimulants and chemicals that can be avoided or reduced, importance of sleep, deep breathing and mediation, etc.   He also shared about a “first aid stress tool” we could use.  And he demonstrated Neuro Emotional Technique which his office offers.  I also liked the caring nature of the presentation and the smaller size of the group which gave us all a chance to talk more too, including afterward.  To learn more about Dr. Whalen’s work go to zionsvillechiropractor.com.


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