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Spring Gratitudes

Wanting to share a gratitude for Spring, for the flowering crabapple trees that line the street near where I live, for the pansies that were a gift in their pot that have survived the recent cold weather that snuck up, for the sun, and for the many love-demonstrations in my life, including human family and friends.  I celebrate, too, soon, my wedding to my special partner, Aaron, and our continuing loving family together.

And, as I begin to invest more time and skill to reaching those people that I can help through free consultations and perhaps as clients with Whole Loving Wellness, I feel a deep sense of gratitude for my situation that I can focus on this wellness coaching more full-time as the spring shifts in to summer.  A gratitude for supportive friends and family and the courage to give this a “very good try,” including more forays in to “marketing” as I honor self-care, while keeping a commitment to serve potential clients’ best interest as best I can, whether I am the method they choose or not.

I finish my year-long lovely experience which began last summer teaching 4-8 month old babies and ends soon for me with toddlers ready to enter a new class and continue their exploratory time and lives, and, I hope, have more and more loving time as well as wondrous springs to play in and behold.  I will miss them!  What a joy it has been to love and share of and receive love and also share of the world with these young ones!, and what a joy it is to continue my life in its new paths.


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