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Yes, it’s Wednesday :)

Wednesday Greetings, 12-30-15-1


Monday Greetings Time :)

Monday Greetings , 12-21-15

Monday Greetings, 12-14-15

Mon Greetings 12-14-15

Monday Greetings

It’s that time again…hope you enjoy :).


Monday Greetings, 12-7-15

Monday Greetings, 11-30-15

Celebrating getting this done before I go into my afternoon happenings and my evening course.  Hope you have enjoyable moments this Monday!


Monday Greetings, 11-30-15

Almost-Monday Greetings

Well, Monday zipped on by.  Had my relaxation course class 1 and an enjoyable day and then Tuesday came and I realized, no Monday Greetings came yesterday…..so, here they are a day late :).

I also included a few new pictures I took from last week of roses in the snow.   They will be up on bloomsofwonder.com soon.


Almost-Monday Greetings, 11_25_15

Monday Greetings, 11-16-15

Hi all!  Going to at least put the one onto my website before my p.m. Creating a Sustainable Relaxation Habit begins in a little bit here.  Please note the free call about Whole Loving Wellness this Weds if you’d like to be there.  Thanks!


Mon Greetings 11-16-15

Almost Monday (a.k.a Tuesday) Greetings :)

Hi all!  Glad to greet you this Tuesday!  I would very much enjoy your feedback about the Monday Greetings lately, including the formatting to post.  I’m thinking this is easier than making a download, but, not sure.

Also, want to highlight that tomorrow (Weds 11-11-15) is the last day to register for “Creating a Sustainable Relaxation Habit,” the course we started yesterday.  We are just starting to develop habits and then we’ll adjust them over the next couple of classes and delve into making them “stick.”  So, please get in touch with me if you’d like to join in.

More soon, hopefully on Monday if not before :).

Almost Monday Greetings, Tues 11-10-15-1

Monday Greetings, Nov 2nd

Here are the Monday Greetings this November 2nd.  Looking forward to the two free calls this Wednesday, to sharing the recordings and possibly some notes and then to the course starting next Monday and the experiences from the course!

Monday Evening Greetings :)

Monday Evening Greetings 10-26-15

Hope you enjoy this new each-Monday posting which is my plan for a bit coming up.

Also, please consider joining in one (or both) of the November 4th calls–free–the one at 12 noon is about
Whole Loving Wellness and the one in the evening (7:30) is about the webinar series starting the
following Monday, November 9th.  E-mail me kehessler@yahoo.com or call 317-514-1462 to
sign up or check out the link for the course here and a bit more about the free resources.