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Moon enjoyments

I wanted to share the breath of “ah!” and “wow!” I had recently seeing the large, full moon and then the lunar eclipse.  I popped out of my door as I was getting ready to go be with the babies I am helping care for and teach (one of whom turned one that day!), and then, when I got to work I spent a minute seeing the moon again before I came into the building.  I was so excited that I left notes (and messages) for a few friends and family and was so grateful to my mother for sending me a reminder about the lunar eclipse.  It then came up with a client as well and I read a little bit about meanings some associate with this eclipse and “Blood Moon” and the ideas of possibilities and being conscious and caring about what is happening as confusions can evolve resonated with me.  The amazement of the moon and the sense of joy and possibility, a respect and also joyful celebration of the moon, myself, and the Universe generally are what I am left with at the moment and that reminder of the power we have to make choices.


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