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New journeys added!

Am now leading a new schedule and having the joy of looking after and helping very young children learn things and being part of an organization focused partly on this.  The infants are truly amazing!, and I continue to have opportunities to do more with my wellness work and explore new creative possibilities to share some of what brings me joy and is important to me.  I was also reminded that my updates here have been much delayed, so I will write a short morning-time entry.

We also are exploring ways to help our cat–an extremely social, sweet, and curious little one–adjust to my leaving in the morning so early.  He was right here a few minutes ago cozying with me as I ate my breakfast.  The last week, he spoke up in a clear way as little ones do, by not using the litter box.  Talking to the vet, we got confirmation it was likely the change in schedule.  So, rather than having him be fed later, I now am feeding him before he leaves and he’s keeping me company in the morning which we both like! And here he returns to look out the window on his chair…as we start the day in each other’s company. 

And I have found myself in the week since I began this schedule feeling excited and aligned mostly with the schedule (yes, with sometimes a morning “wow, time to get up!” like this morning :)….I also got extra sleep last night so my first-in-a-while cold-stuffiness has lessened.  Much to be grateful for!

Hope you will consider taking me up on the free introductory wellness sessions I offer and then possibly having me be a part of your wellness work and life’s adventures.  I realized recently that a part of what I definintely would like to help with is your current and past stresses, whether large or small.  As I wrote recently to describe my work, in case it resonates with you differently than what’s on my website now:

I offer wellness coaching from a heart-centered space, with particular interest in addressing any stresses, past and present, and helping you have a more happier life.  On Saturday, I can offer mini-sessions focused on any area of your wellness that is a fit for our time together–emotional, physical, communication, goal-setting, etc. using talking, writing, organizing, Reiki, meditation, and/or EFT.  I offer my services and insights without a medical or psychological background or certifications other than beginning Reiki and EFT.  I look forward to working with you.”

With that, it’s time for me to continue with the day and soon be outside of the house….look for in the next couple of weeks a bit of a website revamp as well!  


Loving care to all!,
Kathryn Ellen