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Spring Celebrations & Feedback request

Wanted to invite you to celebrate the spring!  If you can visit it outside, all the better, but you can also feel free to visit it through pictures, songs, smells, memories, imaginations, stories.  And, anyone who is in Indianapolis, can currently see some Spring celebrations (inside, though) from yours truly at The Playful Soul.  Vicki Mack and others there have made a wonderful space for the photos and helped to organize an event I was part of last weekend.  I was able to join Michelle Qureshi in welcoming the Spring last Saturday, March 22nd, and celebrating with others at The Playful Soul, with my photographs and Blooms of Wonder book.  It was also a lovely reminder to me how just being with friends in a celebrating, appreciating space bring such a loving and energetic peace within me!  I’ve also seen some buds on the trees and a couple more crocuses since I posted about my first 2014 spring crocuses.

Pic of Kathryn & Maria at Playful Soul--Mark Dickhaus

Kathryn Hessler and friend Maria Collins looking at Kathryn’s book on March 22nd
Photo taken by Mark Dickhaus


I also am reminded that I want to share with others and help others to celebrate and be loving and feel love.  I posted my first free phone call last week, but had “no takers.”  I will also try to consider more tips and shares I can make here on the website.  This last week I had the joy and sometimes touching to the point of almost crying of re-reading and skimming a number of books about communication and peace that have influenced me and some that are new.  So, that might be a source of sharing here and also will be reinvigorating my daily actions and heart as well as my actions in Whole Loving Wellness.

So, what I’d like is to hear for feedback is what ideas you have about what you would like me to consider sharing, or perhaps you have a book that has touched you or a spring celebration of sight, sound, smell, heart….food….etc.  Please let me know!  E-mail me or fill out the form on page one to submit feedback.
Much love and wishes for your celebrations and also your gentleness for yourself and others in moments of difficulty!–Kathryn