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Grateful celebrations!

Am so celebrating the loving people and also a loving animal recently in my life!  I am particularly grateful for the aid to my personal wellness of relationships that have had the time and space to grow in depth and be spaces where I can “arrive” in my wholeness and where we all know the space we are in.  I have also begun to understand how these loving, well-spaces can look different and how I can ask for aspects of what I want in spaces where I might want some additional needs met–including needs that really bring me a comfort and ease.

I hope that these loving spaces to both “stretch” and be “cozy” are something I can continue to be a part of and bring to others, including in my wellness “work,” and well-daily-life, especially an amazing partnership and family developing!, and also other loving spaces, including a smile or comments between “strangers.”

And, I celebrate my book and the opportunity I am about to have to share it in a public setting for the first time next week (yay!).  I consider the wellness that others can receive from it along with the wellness–peace, excitements, pauses–I’ve received from the photos and poems.  And also, the challenges and growth in the editing process the past year especially, and the writing process’ joys and surprises.  The whole thing has had cozy and adventuresome aspects! and I look forward to the next writing project and also what new adventures still come with this, such as this first book reading on Tues. March 12th!

As always, I welcome you to contact me if you are interested in talking about the possiblity of a free wellness session and also if you would like more info about my book (or go to www.bloomsofwonder.com)

Love and well-wishes to all and much to be grateful for!

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