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Balance and Celebrations

This evening, I’m curious about and celebrating balance–the way that times of life and specific days balance each other, for example one day where I glory in the outdoors and the next where I want to cozy up.


And I’m noticing how I’m establishing a new balance that also draws from all that I have learned about balance.  I see my new balance is one of being even much more in joy and playing around a bit with what this looks like, a healthy, wondrous love-filled joy that is balanced even if it follows an unplanned, seemingly out-of-balance path.


I’m also exploring what balance looks like nutritionally and in terms of exercise, including at times such as the past few days where I’ve had a cold.  So, I celebrate that I know that balance is right here with and in me, in my routines and what I have learned and the amazing new adventures that end up being part of the balance when they might not have seemed to be.  I celebrate the glorious, sometimes scary possibilities and the trust that balance, love, and joy are all at my fingertips to continue to explore and revel and sometimes be a bit lost by.

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