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Welcome to Whole Loving Wellness!

I am entering deeper into the world of wellness, in creating this page and beginning my business of Whole Loving Wellness.  Hooray!  The primary work I will share in this blog and in my activities of Whole Loving Wellness will be working directly with clients.  However, writing and other work will overlap because I view wellness as something very multifaceted.

I have recently been offering sessions to clients–and at this point am happily offering 30 min free phone sessions so individuals can see if this is right for them.  I’m also excited by the idea of offering a workshop for multiple people.  Please contact me at kehessler@yahoo.com if you would like to learn more as you poke around here or get started working with me.

To go into more detail about my wellness work, I’m offering my skills and experience in many aspects of wellness and wholeness, with an emphasis on offering healing gifts (including reiki & EFT), encouraging empowerment and trust, having discussions that work through goals and offer empathy and support, and creative integration.  I offer a heart-centered approach to help my clients trust and better understand themselves and improve their wellness and health on all levels.


I encourage my clients to use their whole selves, including right-brain and intuition, not just logic and planning and to share and adapt their visions and plans for wellness.  I will help them with this process of finding a life of wellness they can embrace, and then help them to move forward so they can succeed in incorporating more of this wellness in their lives.

I have worked with a counselor for two years one-on-one and explored many other aspects of spiritual, emotional, and mental wellness.  I also have embraced physical wellness with nutrition, exercise, and healthy habits and would love to share and explore how physical health is linked to our whole health.   When I was in school, gym was definitely not my favorite class!, but now I often look forward to exercise and love how I feel physically healthy and am excited to share that with those who are interested.


In short, I can meet you wherever you are at, including offering relaxing sessions  of reiki, making concrete plans for a goal, using art and music to enhance your life and open new ideas, and more.   I also offer other help, including help learning certain skills (including beginning piano) and am excited to help others birth or complete projects (such as scrapbooks and beautifying and welcoming one’s yard, and written projects especially excite me).  I believe this also enhances your wellness and want to do this with you.


With that, I will say, I’m looking forward to being in touch with you through this and other online venues, and hopefully exploring the options of working together.  I believe it is essential that I take care of myself, so I will be conscious of what works for me.  I do hope that it will work me to help you.  I know I’ll learn and be helped in helping others.  With loving care–Kathryn Ellen Hessler.



**Please know that if you choose to incorporate anything from this site on your own, you do this at your own choice and risk.  If we work together, there is an agreement you would sign, but I also want to be clear that anything I share here (for example descriptions of reiki or EFT) are for YOU to be responsibile about.  I bear no legal responsibility and want you to know that I have no degree or license, such as a health professional or social worker might.   I will remind you on most posts, in order to offer support to myself and to you, of this choice.  With loving care & hopes something you’ve seen or read here will inspire you.**


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